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I want to first and foremost welcome each and every one of you to the site. There are a million other things that you could be doing right now, but I'm appreciative that you took a minute out of your day to visit. This blog has no real direction, and that in itself is direction. I don't want to limit the scope of topics or creativity that will be discussed here. I love to write and I love my city. One day I might write about the blatant segregation in Chicago, the next I might discuss which side of town has the best hoopers. Whatever the case, I promise not to half step on any thing that I discuss.

I want to be clear. I'm not in this for fame or riches (though let's be honest, we all want and need to make a few dollars). I made the conscious decision to take all of the things I like and I've always wanted to do and incorporate them all right here. I've always wanted to create a brand, I love competition and writing is my therapy. If I can encourage at least one person to take that leap of faith to discover what they love and put some good energy behind it, then I've accomplished my goal.

This has been a long time coming. I let fear control me in various ways from convincing myself I would fail before I even tried to deciding there was an age limit on success. But taking a chance and pursuing something you love is a success in itself. I say The Chi Is Elite, but we are all elite. For me personally as a black man, it is especially important to highlight that BLACK IS ELITE!

So with that, welcome and thanks for taking this ride with me.


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