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Expiration Date

There is a flawed logic in understanding time as it relates to your goals. You could blame social media or more likely than not, you can blame yourself. Personally, I used to have timelines and deadlines on certain “milestones“ and if they weren’t reached by a specific period in my life, I feel like they would never be reached. Wrong wrong and more wrong.

Time passing not only creates pressure, but it induces fear and self-doubt. It eventually forces you to subconsciously determine an expiration date on whatever it is you never actually took a chance on. It’s the escape route. Now all of a sudden you’re “too old” or missed your window of opportunity.

The reality is that expiration dates are reserved for perishable goods, and unless you are comparable to a loaf of bread (your business, not mine) then that expiration date in your head is false justification for not having the courage to try. You could fail, but you could not fail.

I‘m not a motivational speaker (or typer). Just a man in his 30s with the same vigor and passion as I’ve always had. As long as I’m capable is as long as I’m going to try. No expiration dates, just inspiration dates. Good luck out there.

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